Who We Are

Who We Are

The story of Rebel Coffee starts back in 2018 when Ben and Alice decided, after some turbulence, to pursue their shared dream of setting up a coffee shop.

Ben has a lifetime passion for interior design, music, and setting up cosy places. Alice is famous amongst friends for serving nine-course traditional Italian food, and bringing home her Great Uncle Ezio’s roasted coffee to share with everyone.

Alice comes from a long line of food aficionados that paved their way through restaurants, coffee roasters and bars before her. Alice’s grandparents Eraldo and Rina led with the family-ran restaurant where Alice started her food journey, helping head chef nonna Rina in the busy kitchen.

But it was Great Uncle Ezio who taught Alice the world of coffee. Ezio built a small coffee roasters in the village were Alice was born, serving Allumiere for decades and becoming something of a local legend with the espresso-loving village residents.

It’s with this same love that Alice and Ben chose Ezio’s original coffee recipe for their dream café in E17. May the legend continue…